FAQ - Restaurant Search

Q: How does the restaurant search work?

A: On the search page, there is a tab-strip with several types of search - eg: search by Location, Cuisine, Money Matters ...etc. Click on the tab with the type of search you're interested in and the relevant search criteria will be displayed. Enter/select your search criteria and click on browse.

  • To search for restaurants located in the central area, go to the search page, click on the 'Location' tab, select 'Central area' and click on 'Browse'.
  • To search for restaurants that are open for breakfast on Sunday morning, go to the search page, click on the 'Opening hours' tab, then tick the tick-box for breakfast under the Sunday column and click on 'Browse'.
  • To search for restaurants that offer dishes under $10, go to the search page, click on the 'Money Matters' tab, select the 'Under $10' option and click on 'Browse'.
  • To search for restaurants that accept a certain type of credit card, go to the search page, click on the 'Money Matters' tab, scroll down to the 'Browse by Payment Methods' section, select your credit card from the list and click on 'Browse'.

Q: My type of credit card is not listed on your site, why?

A: TopFeast covers most types of credit cards accepted in Perth restaurants. If your credit card is not listed here it is most likely not accepted in any of the restaurants listed on this website. Please contact us and let us know what type of card you have. All restaurants listed on this site also accept cash.

Q: How does the advanced search work?

A: The advanced search gives you the capability to search for restaurants located in any of the locations you selected, offering at least one of your specified cuisines or popular dining options, covering one or more of your specified price ranges or offering specials, providing at least one of your specified facilities and services and open during one or more of your specified timeframes. If you prefer a logic description, here's the algorithm:

premises located in ( location_1 OR location_2 OR ... OR location_n )
serve ( cuisine_1 OR cuisine_2 OR ... OR cuisine_n OR popular_option_1 OR popular_option_2 OR ... OR popular_option_n )
( cost in ( price_range_1 OR price_range_2 OR ... OR price_range_n ) OR has_specials )
provide ( facility_1 OR facility_2 OR ... OR facility_n OR service_1 OR service_2 OR ... OR service_n )
open during ( timeframe_1 OR timeframe_2 OR ... OR timeframe_n )

Q: What is 'quick browse'?

A: 'Quick browse' is a convenient tool that allows users to quickly search for restaurants within one particular location, or restaurants that serve a particular cuisine or a popular choice of food.

Q: Can I use quick browse to search for restaurants that serve more than one cuisine?

A: Not with quick browse. You will need to go to the search page and click on the Cuisine tab to execute a search in multiple locations.

Q: Can I use quick browse to search for restaurants in a particular location that serve a particular cuisine?

A: Not with quick browse. You will need to go to the search page and click on the Advanced Search tab to execute this search.

FAQ - Diners' Recommendations

Q: I'd like to recommend a dish, how can I do it?

A: Go to the page of the respective restaurant and click on the 'Add Your Recommendation' link.

Q: I submitted a recommendation for a restaurant but my recommendation has not been published yet, why?

A: To maintain a high level of quality content on this website, all recommendations are reviewed by our moderating team - this is usually done within 24 hours but sometimes it may take a little longer. We will not publish recommendations that are not inline with our guidelines.

In some cases, we may decide to contact you by email regarding your recommendation before we approve it. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly. Also check your junk folder in case your email spam filter accidentally identified our email as spam.

Q: Why am I getting the message: 'Too many recommendations submitted for this restaurant are pending approval'?

A: To avoid a potential abuse of this website, only a limited number of recommendations per restaurant are queued for approval. It may be that numerous other users have already submitted numerous recommendations for the same restaurant and are still pending approval. Try resubmitting your recommendation later.

Q: How do I complain about a recommendation and get it removed?

A: Individual opinions and taste differ and it is ok for someone to have a view that is different than yours. However, if you want to report a recommendation you believe should be removed, please contact us and we'll review it.

Q: How do I get in touch with the person who posted a recommendation? Can I obtain his/her email address?

A: No. Please read our privacy policy.

Q: I am the owner/manager/chef of a restaurant listed on this website. Can I make a recommendation for this restaurant?

A: Yes, you are welcome to do so. However you must clearly indicate who you are and what your association with the restaurant is. TopFeast users are savvy users and can sense if a recommendation is honest or if the author is a shill.

FAQ - TopFeast Mobile

Q: Is there a mobile phone version of the TopFeast website?

A: Yes. When you access the website using a mobile device such as an iPhone or a smartphone you should be automatically redirected to the 'mobile website'.

Q: Do I need to download and install an application on my mobile to enable me to access TopFeast?

A: No. Just type www.topfeast.com.au or www.topfeast.com in your phone browser and press enter. We'll do the rest for you.

Q: Can I switch between the mobile and the full version of the website?

A: Yes. At the bottom (footer) of each page on the mobile website there is a link to the full website and vice versa.

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