Date of last revision: 29 Jan 2011

Community Guidelines

TopFeast has created the following Guidelines to help you understand what it means to be a part of our community and to ensure you have an enjoyable experience in our community. We may change these Guidelines at any time and without notice. Please review this document regularly.


1. Share with us what you like

If you dined at any of the restaurants listed on this website, recommend to others your favourite dishes. If someone else has already recommended one of the dishes you like, there is no need to recommend it again. Just give the original recommendation a thumbs-up. This keeps things simple and easier for everyone to follow and it increases the popularity of the respective dish.

Similarly, if you like certain features about a restaurant (e.g. great location, great views, good for a romantic dinner, etc) or about the service, recommend them to us.

2. Be considerate

Our website is used by people of all ages and of various backgrounds. Have consideration to others when writing your recommendations and submit only content that is considered 'safe'.

3. Include only appropriate links

You may include links to other websites to support or illustrate your recommendations, provided your links are relevant, don't direct to inappropriate content or content that breaches copyright, are not commercially motivated and are not used to promote other websites.

4. Benefit from our collective knowledge

Have fun and try some of the recommendations made by others. But keep in mind that people's taste is different and not everyone likes the same dishes you do. To play it safe, you might like to try the most popular recommendations first (i.e. the ones with the largest number of thumbs up) and work your way down from there. The 'What Diners Recommend' page lists recommendations in order of their popularity. Remember to give thumbs up to recommendations that you also like.

5. Spread the word

If you enjoy this website, tell your friends about it and invite them to join our community. Our collective knowledge is a powerful tool.

6. Let us know what you think

Please give us feedback. We love to hear your opinion about our site, constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements.


1. Offensive content

Don't include derogatory, threatening, harmful, obscene, defamatory, racially or sexually offensive comments in your recommendations.

2. Personal information and personal attacks

Don't engage in personal attacks and don't disclose anyone's personal information in your comments.

3. Foul language

Mind your language. Don't use swear words as it may offend others.

4. Illegal content

Don't include content that promotes violence, crimes or content that encourages others to commit or support any sort of illegal acts. Don't link to other websites that promote or support crimes or any activity that breaches the law.

5. Restaurant complaints

This is not the appropriate forum to submit restaurants complaints. Complaints of this nature are best addressed directly to the manager of the respective restaurant. In most cases managers take your feedback on board and offer solutions.

6. Food poisoning

Food poisoning is a serious accusation that may have legal implications. TopFeast is not an appropriate forum to discuss this. We strongly recommend you forward these types of complaints to the relevant authorities for investigation.

7. Plagiarism and copyright infringement

Your recommendations should be about your own experience and it should be written in your own words. Don't include content written by someone else and pretend it's yours.

8. Spamming

Advertising or promotional content, competitor comparisons, or content that is not inline with the interests of this community is not accepted.

9. Foreign language

Recommendations provided in a language other than English may not be accepted.